We are here to help whether you need to finance a single piece of catering equipment or a fully fitted kitchen, from established companies to start ups we have flexible leasing partners to help.

Preserves working capital

By leasing equipment valuable working capital remains within the business allowing for continued growth.

Protects other credit lines

With leasing existing lines of credit remain intact, i.e. bank overdraft etc, and are free to be used in those all to frequent unexpected times.

Tax efficient

As leasing payments are fully deductible from a business's taxable profits leasing remains one of the most competitive and convenient ways a company can borrow money.


All lease plans provide the flexibility a business needs to stay ahead of advances in technology

Ease of budgeting

All lease payments are fixed throughout the duration of an Agreement and not subject to fluctuations in interest rates.


Why should we lease when bank borrowing is so easy?

Your bank facility will always be there should it be required at short notice. Why not take advantage of the valuable tax allowances that leasing affords?

We always pay for things up front.

Why not let the savings from the equipment service the lease payments?

After all, no business would think about paying their staff or other fixed overheads in advance.

We can afford to pay cash.

Why not use this capital to grow the business?

Isn't leasing designed for small companies, or companies with a restricted cash flow?

It is a fact that most of The Times Top 100 companies regularly utilise the services of leasing companies together with most accountants and other professional bodies.

How easy is it to gain credit approval?

Very. Most applications are approved within 24 hours of receipt and documentation is e-mailed or posted the same day.

How do I know that the contract is fair?

CLS and its approved funding sources work within the strict guidelines set out by the Finance and Leasing Association.

What is the Finance and Leasing Association?

The FLA is the regulatory body for the leasing industry and its members account for 80% of all UK finance companies.