Taking The Head Ache out of Catering equipment installation


Installing Commercial Equipment

We understand that your kitchen is an important cog within your business, and that downtime can be very costly. We have the ability to install everything from a replacement appliance to a new fully fitted commercial kitchen. Our team of qualified contractors & engineers have a numerous skill set we can draw down on to get the job completed.

Need an appliance installing?

We make it simple, after a site inspection we can offer a range of replacement appliances and organise delivery and installation. We aim to make the process as simple as possible and can even arrange for your old equipment to be taken away and recycled.

Kitchen extraction installation

We have an array of commercial kitchen extraction systems that can be installed to meet the current regulations including a range of gas interlock systems (GIS) also to complement this.

Cold room installation

We can install a range of coldrooms and freezer rooms ranging from mono block systems through to remote systems.

Hygienic wall cladding and flooring installation

We have a range hygienic wall finishes and safety flooring products to offer which of course we can fit.

A Kitchen installed by Brenchleys