Alresford Golf Club

Alresford Golf Club

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Portfolio Description

During the renovation of Alresford Golf Club, we were entrusted with the crucial task of updating their commercial kitchen. Collaborating closely with the main contractor, we diligently coordinated the placement of services to ensure optimal functionality and efficiency.

Recognizing the significance of a well-designed and properly equipped kitchen in a commercial setting, we approached this project with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Working in tandem with the main contractor, we strategically planned the layout of the kitchen, taking into account the club’s specific requirements. By aligning our efforts with the overall renovation project, we ensured seamless integration and timely execution.

Our expertise in commercial kitchen installations enabled us to effectively assess and address the necessary services. We collaborated closely with the main contractor to determine the precise location of utilities such as electrical, plumbing, gas, and ventilation, guaranteeing their proper placement within the renovated space.

Throughout the process, we maintained open lines of communication with the main contractor, ensuring that all stakeholders were well-informed and any potential challenges were addressed proactively. This collaborative approach allowed us to overcome obstacles and ensure a smooth workflow.