Kitchen Ventilation

Kitchen ventilation and extraction systems


Commercial kitchen extraction is a vital part to any busy kitchen. Its important to have a suitable system in place to make a comfortable and safe environment to work in. We have a range of prefabricated and bespoke solutions to suit your requirements, not forgetting a full range of gas interlock panels.

Kitchen Canopies

Our ventilation canopies are manufactured to comply with DW/172 and have a variety of options including filters and lighting.

Galvanised duct work is installed to vent the extracted air to atmosphere. All fans are fitted using anti-vibration mounts and flexible duct connections.

Make-up air systems are included to provide filtered ambient or heated air into the kitchen to make up 85% of the extracted volume. Stainless steel wall sheeting is fitted to the walls below the canopy to provide a durable, hygienic and easy to clean surface.

We supply a full range of fans from many respected manufacturers including Helios, Systemir, Elta, Woods and Vent-Axia.

All fans can be supplied with a full range of accessories including speed controllers. We can even just replace your old fan or provide a fan as supply only.

Gas interlocks

BS6173:2009 was introduced in 2009 and relates to commercial kitchens. It states gas should not be available if the ventilation fans are not operating. Proving of the fans can be done either by air pressure differential switches or a current monitor. If either at start-up, or during the course of the day, the fans fail or are turned off the gas valve should close. We supply a full range of gas interlocks and safety systems.

Gas Proving

Another aspect of BS6173:2009 is gas pressure proving. The standard states if any of the catering equipment does not have a flame failure device a gas pressure proving system should be installed. At start-up the panel is to check the gas line to ensure no appliances are in the “on” position. This is to ensure gas cannot escape into an area that could possibly be unsupervised.

Whats the normal process?

From your initial enquiry for kitchen ventilation we will come and see you to talk through your plans and design a suitable system to meet your requirements.

Where necessary we will provide all specifications and drawings to assist with your application with the local authority.